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The Short-Faced Bear "Arctodus Simus" became extinct +/- 11,000 years ago. This individual died approximately +/- 28,000 years ago in North-America. The Barbiarz Insitute made it possible to make a copy of the real skeleton of this extinct animal. Other species have been found in several locations from Mexico to Alaska. These bears were extremely large and weight around 1100 kg.

This Bear symbolizes protection and the position in which this sculpture of the bear is located radiates courage.

The skeleton is inlaid with more than 2000 sheets of 24 kt. Gold leaf. 


Titel : "Short-Faced Bear"

Size : 150x100x300 cm

Materials: 24 Kt. Gold Leaf, Replica Bear Skeleton, Resin, Metal

Edition : 1/5

Year: 2023

All artworks come with an original certificate of authenticity in wooden custom made safety box & are hand made and signed by the artist B-art: Bart Stillekens.