B-art, or Bart Stillekens, was born in Tilburg (NL) in 1993. As you can see, B-art is young, creative, entrepreneurial and he likes to push boundaries. Starting at a young age, you would find him busy making sketches and designs. At a later age he transferred his work from paper to the canvas and to sculptures. He noticed that his first works appealed to his audience and his first edition in 2015 became a success. Bart organized his first solo-expo no less than half a year later. He now works together with art galleries and interior designers at a high level nationally and internationally

“I have my own signature, artistic way of working. I find it hard to commit myself to just one style. Why only work with one style if there are endless evenly beautiful possibilities? I work on canvas, wood, mdf, copper and polystone with products such as: gold leaf, resin, concrete, clay, acryl paint, graffiti, markers, stickers, and prints”

By experimenting with lots of new techniques B-art makes sure that all his works have a surprising and unique effect. An example of this is the Money Paining collection in which the money literally jumps out of the painting, giving a nice 3D effect. He takes durability of the used materials in high regard and experimentation therefore takes an important role in the process.

“People often don’t realize what work precedes the realization of an artwork. I have multiple ideas about a certain subject all the time. My job as an artist is then to take that idea and to translate it to reality in the right way”

B-art has collections with limited edition and unique 1/1 artworks that consist out of paintings and sculptures or both together. All pieces are handmade and signed by B-art himself, after which they are exhibited at various locations in the world, or in his own gallery.